Andrew Collins took a risk when he moved to China and purchased a small media consulting business for $175,000.

It was a risk that would pay off. Today, less than 15 years later, Mailman Group is a global sports consulting business worth $100 million. As CEO, Andrew travels the world helping high-profile clients including the National Football League (NFL) and Kobe Bryant build their businesses in developing markets. He describes it as “a dream job”.

Andrew Collins, Bachelor of Arts alumnus and CEO of Mailman Group

Andrew’s overseas experiences during his time at Swinburne changed his life. Participating in the Global Leader Symposium in Singapore and Shanghai sparked his love for Asia and completing a student exchange in California was a highlight of his degree. He says that travel gave him perspective and confidence – strengths he continues to use as he builds Mailman into a globally recognised sports media and technology company.

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