Alumni events

Join an alumni event and mix with other Swinburne graduates and staff.

You've Got to Fight For Your Right to Data Privacy!

Your online privacy is being sold to the highest bidder

CUTransitions Talks: Are we there yet? Melbourne's ongoing transition to sustainable urban stormwater management.

Reflecting on recent practitioner insights regarding persistent challenges in this domain, this presentation outlines where key research and policy attention is needed.

CUTransitions Talks: Urban electricity

One of our neighbours is using too much electricity: Behaviour change as a common pool resource challenge for a simulated shared renewable electricity system.

CUTransitions Talks: Introduction to Ekistics - the science of human settlements research

This presentation will introduce the conceptual frames of Ekistics, history, its world connection to UN Habitat, and its new revitalised online journal.

Swinburne Research Conference 2019 | Changemakers

Building on the theme of Changemakers this conference will focus on the inspiring and transformative nature of research and our researchers who are the real changemakers.

CUTransitions Talks: Modelling transitions - overview and future avenues

Modelling has been a consistent, if small, niche within the sustainability transitions research community.