Social Impact

A Master of Social Impact will give you the edge to have a personal influence on an ethically responsible future. Arm yourself with the skills required to become an agent of sustainable change - through an enterprise of your own or from inside the organisation you work for. Dig deep into the complex social, environmental and economic challenges facing business and communities today. Learn about using philanthropy to spur social innovation. And lead the way in a rapidly changing social economy and business environment.

The Social Impact suite of postgraduate programs are taught through the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne, part of an Australia-wide network devoted to improving the delivery of beneficial social impact through research, teaching and public debate.

Who you are

You could be a manager in a non-profit organisation, or are seeking to be one. You might be a professional in a for-profit company wanting to engage with current and emerging trends in social innovation and corporate responsibility. Or, you are part of a consultancy growing your social impact capabilities. You could also be a policy maker or public manager interested in the social economy. Whatever you are doing now, you are looking for a postgraduate qualification to provide that edge and propel you into the career you really want.

Where it can take you

You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively take on leadership roles in non-profit and philanthropic organisations, government and social enterprises - as a manager, trustee, adviser, investor, fundraiser or social entrepreneur.

Courses Available

Graduate Certificate of Social Impact
Master of Social Impact
Master of Social Impact (Advanced)


Industry Partner

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Suzanne had already made a career for herself in the superannuation and investments industry. But volunteering at a neighbourhood centre sparked a thought – could she transition into the non-profit sector and use her skills to serve the social good? One year after finishing her Master of Social Impact, she is now the Funding and Social Investment Coordinator at Sacred Heart Mission, the exact kind of role she dreamt of while studying.

Suzanne Findlay, AGSE Social Impact graduate, class of 2016.

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