Pillar two: Student support and engagement

Student support and engagement is one of the Swinburne AccessAbility Action Plan's (AAP) six key pillars for action. 

We will ensure that our student engagement and support services are inclusive and meet the needs of people living with disability, and carers. We will provide a range of services to Swinburne students from enrolment through to career counselling and post-qualification transition support.


Provide comprehensive and inclusive support services for students living with disability and carers.

Actions and responsibility

2.1 Ensure that a comprehensive range of accessible student services is offered to meet the needs of students living with disability, and carers, including for employment readiness and post-qualification transition.

Responsibility: Manager, Student Equity and Disability Services, and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Advancement

2.2 Develop strategies, guidelines and resources to establish paid internships and other flexible industry-based learning opportunities for students living with disability, and carers, through collaboration with Swinburne Alumni and industry partners.

Responsibility: Vice-President, Engagement with Executive Deans, Executive Director and Director, Advancement

2.3 Encourage students to access mentoring programs that can specifically match students living with disability, and carers, with mentors in fields of interest.

Responsibility: Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Advancement with Executive Chair, Swinburne Student Amenities Association

2.4 Monitor and improve as required standards, procedures and equipment to support the inclusion of people living with disability in sports and recreation, and in the broader social life of the university across all campuses.

Responsibility: Executive Chair, Swinburne Student Amenities Association

2.5 Develop partnerships with Indigenous community-led disability focused organisations and peak bodies to promote the access and inclusion of Indigenous students living with disability, and carers in education.

Responsibility: Professor/Associate Professor of Indigenous Education

2.6 Develop an assessment and referral protocol for Swinburne Connect to identify and respond to the support needs of students at risk who are living with disability or with significant responsibilities as a carer.

Responsibility: Vice-President, International and Students and Director, International and Future Student Operations

2.7 Develop materials to enhance awareness of the feedback and complaints mechanisms available to students with a disability, and carers.

Responsibility: University Secretariat and General Counsel