As part of our Adobe Creative Campus we have a group of talented Adobe Digital Coaches who support students and staff with anything Adobe.

These current students and recent graduates are employed by Swinburne and engage in peer mentoring, run workshops, lead student initiatives and support the Swinburne community during drop-in sessions.

The Adobe Digital Coaches are also available to work with teachers using Adobe applications within curriculum. Staff are able to book the Adobe Digital Coaches to work as mentors in class, to run a workshop or to answer questions during a drop-in session.

Meet our 2021 coaches

Ellen Wadley is a recent design graduate from Swinburne University with a passion for innovation and strategic thinking. She believes design has the power to make a strong impact on the world and aim to put that same energy into my work. She has worked across brands, websites, apps, campaigns, printed media, and illustration. Her experience includes working at Swinburne’s Bureau design studio, completing multiple freelancing jobs and volunteering herself as Secretary for the Swinburne Design Collective. She is currently acting as an Adobe Digital Coach where she aims to support others to express their ideas, work, and creativity.

Rohan Gerrard is a final year user experience and communication design student at Swinburne. Rohan has a passion for web design and for creating meaningful experiences for users online. He has spent the last 12 months working in Swinburne’s in house design studio, The Bureau, working with internal and external clients to create designs across a variety of print and digital mediums. Rohan has been a freelance designer for the last 5 years and loves working with small businesses and communities to create impactful, high-quality designs with a focus on user and customer experiences.

Rohan has been president of the Swinburne Design collective throughout 2019 and 2020 and loves creating exciting and interesting events that expose students to the design industry and broaden their understanding of design as a way to communicate information and connect people.

Julia Stella is a third-year animation and game design student at Swinburne. She is currently directing her first animated short film, and specializes in visual development and writing for animation. She has skills in both 2D and 3D animation and hopes to someday direct in a studio. Outside of study, Julia freelances as an artist, enjoys creating personal illustrations and animation work, and rollerskates so she isn't always stuck at her desk.

Geordie Launder is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Melbourne. He has held roles in Australia and South-East Asia over recent years, working for video production studios, technology start-ups and award-winning design agencies. Recently, he has been building out his own client base across the hospitality, arts and not-for-profit sectors. Geordie brings a holistic skill set of design, photography and video production to his practice. Running in parallel with his industry experience, Geordie has been studying a double Bachelor of Design and Business, in which he recently graduated.

Geordie is passionate about the creative community and what it brings to society at large. With a passion for sharing knowledge - he's excited to be working with Swinburne students and staff to upskill them in the Adobe Creative Suite.‌

Sylvio Abisha is a Master of Design Graduate at Swinburne University. He came originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, and choose to study here in Melbourne in 2013 to learn more about design and chose a digital media design major at Swinburne too for his Bachelor. His passion is in Motion and Graphic Design.

Besides study, he is currently doing different design freelance projects for two years, mainly for the youth community that he is with right now and other clients. In his spare time, he loves to listen to good music and finding inspiration from Pinterest, Behance, and Design Vlog. He loves to express his creativity through drawing and sometimes painting.

Talk to us

Want to work with one of our Adobe Digital Coaches or have a new idea for a student-centred approach? Get in touch via (coaches are available in the hub between 10.30am and 2.30pm every day).

Current Swinburne students and staff can also visit the Adobe Creative Campus hub (Canvas) for a range of tutorials on Creative Cloud apps, from beginner to Adobe legend!

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