As Australia’s first and only Adobe Creative Campus, we are focused on ensuring that all students and staff have access to industry-standard software and multiple opportunities to develop and practice their digital literacy skills. We support our community to be fluent across all areas of information, technological and critical literacy.

Information Literacy is the ability to find and use information in a digital world. This includes the ability to access and manage digital data, information, draw insights through analysis, and construct findings and outcomes.

Technology Literacy is the confidence and ability to learn, select and use appropriate technological and digital tools to achieve desired outcomes.

Critical Literacy is the ability to reflectively question the context in which digital artefacts are made and used: who makes them, who consumes them and who controls them? Where are they controlled and what are the ethics we need to consider for future use? Can everyone have access?

Embedding these skills throughout curriculum will help students graduate with a creative and persuasive digital communications expertise, an ability to clearly express ideas in a variety of formats and showcase their personal brands in a global context. Technology is at the heart of our work at Swinburne and we encourage students to use digital literacies to create work with impact.

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  • In Curriculum

    Read about how our methodologies create digital literacy opportunities for all and how their integration is preparing both students and staff for the future of work.

  • Projects

    View some of the projects our students and staff have recently undertaken. These projects express personal views of the world using a digital literacy lens.

  • Adobe Digital Coaches

    To support our students and staff to achieve greater digital literacy we have a team of Adobe Creative Coaches to help with all things Adobe.

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