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As part of our Adobe Creative Campus we have a group of talented Adobe Digital Coaches who support students and staff with anything Adobe.

These current students and recent graduates are employed by Swinburne and engage in peer mentoring, run workshops, lead student initiatives and support the Swinburne community during drop-in sessions.

The Adobe Digital Coaches are also available to work with teachers using Adobe applications within curriculum. Staff are able to book the Adobe Digital Coaches to work as mentors in class, to run a workshop or to answer questions during a drop-in session.

Meet our 2020 Coaches

Aidan Krott

Adobe Coach: Aidan Krott

Aidan is a design student with a major in Motion Design, and minors in Animation and Creative Writing. His skills lie primarily in 2D art and design, project management, and storytelling through visual mediums. Outside of studying, and working as an Adobe Coach, Aidan is a freelance fantasy illustrator, taking on a number of private commissions, and is currently working on a personal graphic narrative project. He is also an avid reader, and gamer.

Beautrick Zenghis

Adobe Coach: Beautrick Zenghis

Beautrickis a design student majoring in UX Design. She started her design journey in high school, winning film competitions and handling school events. Aside from being an Adobe coach, she currently works as a freelancer on branding and web design projects. She is also the Head of Design for Swinburne’s PPIA club. Beautrick believes that a designer should always continue to learn new techniques to express their creativity e.g. film, illustration, animation and more.

Ellen Wadley

Adobe Coach: Ellen Wadley

Ellen is a design student majoring in Communication Design and minoring in UX Design. She worked as a full-time placement student at Swinburne's student in-house design studio The Bureau, where she had first-hand experience designing for Swinburne projects. Some interesting projects she has worked on include a large mural for Swinburne's Open Day and packaging for a Google VR headset. Ellen currently freelances as is Secretary of the Design Collective. Ellen illustrates in her spare time and loves bringing her passion into projects.

Ethan Jones

Adobe Coach: Ethan Jones

Ethan is studying design with a major in UX Design. His background is in web, app and graphic design. While he studies and works as an Adobe digital coach and does freelance web design and development work. He has worked with a variety of programs from the Adobe software suite in a professional and recreational capacity. Ethan strives to improve his skills at every chance he gets. He welcomes new, friendly faces, so don't hesitate to introduce yourself!

Isabelle Khor

Adobe Coach: Isabelle Khor

Isabelle is studying screen production. Some of her past projects include a documentary on fishermen in Taiwan, a short film about a foreign domestic worker in Singapore, and an experimental smartphone film. She has also worked as a videographer at a media company in Singapore and has made videos about body piercers and Instagram-famous pets. In her free time, she enjoys animating and illustrating.

Josh Choveaux

Adobe Coach: Josh Choveaux

Josh is a law student who previously studied Media and Communications majoring in Media Industries (where he learnt a variety of fundamental digital literacy skills, including video and audio production). Josh is a freelance editorial photographer specialising in sports photography and has been a stringer for various sports leagues throughout Australia. Josh aims to combine a documentary style of content creation while focusing on presenting human emotion as much as possible. In his spare time, Josh likes to exercise and be active.

Julia Stella

Adobe Coach: Julia Stella

Julia is a third-year animation and game design student. She is currently directing her first animated short film and specialises in visual development and writing for animation. She has skills in both 2D and 3D animation and hopes to someday direct in a studio. Outside of study, Julia freelances as an artist, enjoys creating personal illustrations and animation work, and roller skates (so she isn't always stuck at her desk!)

Nicky Price

Adobe Coach: Nicky Price

Nicky is an animation student specialising in writing, producing, 2D animation and illustration. She loves the art of storytelling through animation and took the role of project lead for her capstone film, Witches in Space. Outside of working and practising her art, she’s learning the basics of programming, and hopes these skills will let her better understand the tools she uses. She aims to continue building both her storytelling and production abilities through future creative projects.

Sam Wang

Adobe Coach: Sam Wang

Sam is a Design/Business student majoring in UX Design and Marketing. Sam started his journey studying graphic design at TAFE. While studying he competed and won (as UX research lead) multiple design/design sprint competitions hosted by major Australian companies such as Metro Trains Melbourne and Energy Australia. Sam currently does freelance design/photography work and is an executive committee member for his university club. Sam is obsessed with cats and in his spare time he likes to express his creativity through photography and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Scott Neely

Adobe Coach: Scott Neely

Scott is a Swinburne Master of Design graduate with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Games from RMIT. While studying game design he worked on several mobile games and did freelance 3D design and animation for several studios. Scott found a passion for design research while conducting his masters and now seeks to create design solutions that benefit a wide range of audiences. While working as a Digital Coach, Scott creates 3D printed models and works on solo game projects and is an avid LARPer.

Sylvio Abisha

Adobe Coach: Sylvio Abisha

Sylvio is a Master of Design student and a Bachelor of Design Digital Media graduate. His background is in motion and graphic design. Beside study, he is currently doing different freelance projects. In his spare time, he loves to listen to good music, find inspiration from Pinterest, Behance, Design Vlog, and express his creativity through drawing.

Trinity Ross

Adobe Coach: Trinity Ross

Trinity is a Communication Design (honours) student. She recently returned from a six-month exchange in the US. She has been using the Adobe Creative Suite for over five years and has industry experience in advertising and startups. Trinity frequently does freelance design work and runs her own design business, Ross Design. She aims to grow her business to have an international presence with offices opening in New York and California. Trinity used her Adobe Premiere Pro skills to create a short-film, ‘Loop’ that was screened at ACMI as part of the Top Screen VCE Season of Excellence in 2017. She also like to volunteer, working as a Swinburne Ambassador and mentoring Indigenous Australian children to create stop motion animations about their experience moving to the city of Melbourne. In her spare time, she likes to draw, surf, rock climb and hike. 

Want to work with one of our Adobe Digital Coaches or have a new idea for a student-centred approach? Get in touch via (coaches are available in the hub between 10.30am and 2.30pm every day).

Current Swinburne students and staff can also visit the Adobe Creative Campus hub (Canvas) for a range of tutorials on Creative Cloud apps from beginner to Adobe legend!

Talk to us!

Want to work with one of our Adobe Digital Coaches or have a new idea for a student-centred approach? Get in touch via (coaches are available in the hub between 10.30am and 2.30pm every day).

Current Swinburne students and staff can also visit the Adobe Creative Campus hub (Canvas) for a range of tutorials on Creative Cloud apps from beginner to Adobe legend!