4.1. Our commitment

It is essential that the University provides a safe and supportive environment for staff, students and visitors.

The University is committed to:

  • the principles and practices of occupational health and safety (OHS)
  • providing healthy and safe work and learning environments for all persons involved in our activities
  • the ongoing development and improvement of our OHS processes with a focus on the reduction of illness and injury for all employees, students and other persons
  • engagement on OHS issues to promote the safety of all
  • ensuring staff, students and contractors receive appropriate training to enable them to work and study safely
  • our leaders leading by example and demonstrating a visible commitment to health and safety to motivate, educate and support our managers, staff and students
  • ongoing monitoring and review of OHS effectiveness and performance
  • compliance with OHS laws and other health and safety requirements to which the University subscribes
  • ensuring all levels of management, staff and students carry out their health and safety responsibilities.

Table of roles and responsibilities (VC delegation)

Role/Decision/Action Responsibility* Conditions and limitations
OHS commitment statement Vice-Chancellor

The commitment statement should be reviewed at least every two years

The commitment statement should be prepared based on the advice of the Director of Human Resources, taking into account legislative and community expectations.

OHS Strategic Plan Vice-Chancellor

Should be prepared based on the advice of the Vice-President (People, Planning and Culture), taking into account legislative and community expectations. 

Must be tabled at Council.

Specification of requirements, guidelines and systems for OHS Chief Operating Officer

The requirements, guidelines and systems must be published.

Must comply and be consistent with the OHS laws.

Must be approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

Must be tabled at Council.

OHS risk assessments and OHS performance Senior Management 
Head of Management Units

Risk assessments must be consistent with the University's Risk Management Framework.

OHS incident and hazard reporting

All staff

Must use the University’s OHS incident reporting system.

Establishing weapons definitions and guidelines Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education, Experience and Employability) 

The definitions and guidelines must be published and must comply and be consistent with University legislation and policy.

* (Staff holding, acting in or performing the responsible position or office)

4.2. Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs can impair work performance and affect the health and safety of work colleagues.

Staff members are expected to be responsible in the use of alcohol and drugs during work hours, at University related functions and events and at any time if it may impair employment duties for the University.  Staff members must not be impaired by illegal or legal drugs, including alcohol, while at work or conducting University business.

Poor work performance caused by alcohol or drug consumption or significant impairment that creates a safety risk is considered to be serious misconduct.

4.3. No smoking

The University is smoke-free, as part of the commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for staff, students and visitors.

Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes/vaping, is not permitted on University premises including outdoor areas in and around each campus.

The University will support staff and students in promoting and upholding the smoke-free environment.

Staff and students who smoke or vape in contravention of this policy may be disciplined.

4.4. No weapons

The possession, carriage and use of weapons is prohibited while on University premises, using University facilities and services or engaging in University activities, except where formally approved by the University.

Staff and students who possess, carry or use weapons in contravention of this policy may be disciplined.

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