How to nominate

Submit your nomination online according to the guidelines sent by email.

An email from the University electoral company (BigPulse) is sent at the beginning of each election period to members of the electorate. Information about the vacancy, nomination and voting time frames will be available via a unique link provided in this email, including access to the online nomination submission form.


Electoral rolls list the members eligible to participate in elections. The requirements are outlined in the Swinburne University of Technology Act 2010 and the Election Regulations (Part 3. S10. Entitlement to be nominated for elections).

If you are not included in the electoral roll for an election and believe you are entitled to be please email the Returning Officer.

Candidate’s statement

To nominate as a candidate for an elected position complete the online nomination submission form accessed via the unique link provided in the BigPulse email. Provide a candidate’s statement of no more than 250 words. Nominations will not be accepted after the close of the nomination period.

Withdrawal period

A nominee may withdraw their nomination at any time by emailing the Returning Officer.

Close of nominations

At the end of the nomination period the Returning Officer will notify candidates via their Swinburne email accounts if an election is required and a notice will be posted on the notice of elections page . Where the number of nominations does not exceed the number of positions to be filled, the Returning Officer will declare the candidate or candidates elected.

When the number of nominations exceeds the positions to be filled, elections will be conducted online. The University electoral company (BigPulse) will email a unique link to an online voting form to all members of the electorate eligible to vote.