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The International Student Life team is here to support you during your time at Swinburne and in Melbourne. We can help you understand what is required of you as an international student and help you through any issues you may face.

Other specialist services are also available for academic, personal or English language support.

Swinburne International also concerns itself with any natural disasters and home country events that may impact the well-being of our international students.

If you are directly affected by or concerned about an issue in your home country that impacts your ability to be successful in your studies you can register your details and an International Student Adviser will contact you for a meeting to determine what advice or assistance we may provide.

Desma Smith
Associate Director - International Student Life

International Student Advisers are available to provide advice and support on academic and personal needs. It's a free and confidential service.

To make an appointment, please contact us.

Our services include:

  • Advice if you don't understand something about your course and studies
  • Private and confidential advice on managing your personal needs and issues
  • Support and advice in complaint and grievance processes
  • Help with declining your offer and requesting a release from your course
  • Employability events to help you build your value to employers
  • Freetime newsletter and social activities to help you balance your study and personal time
  • Extensive support for students affected by critical incidents or issues in their home country.

Students who experience unexpected or serious illness or are affected by world or natural events in their home country which affect their ability to be successful in their studies should notify International Student Life immediately.

Meet with an ISA


Phone: +61 3 9214 6741

After-hours assistance line: 1800 022 168

Desma Smith–International Student Advisor

Desma Smith
Associate Director – International Student Life
Available Monday – Friday
Wantirna campus: Wednesday by appointment
Croydon campus: by appointment only

Diana Salmon

Diana Salmon
incl Sponsored Students
Available Monday – Thursday

Rameeza Barnes

Rameeza Barnes
incl Under 18s

Kirby Taylor

Kirby Taylor
incl Australia Awards and Endeavour students

Available Monday – Friday

Sharon Chan

Sharon Chan
Available Monday – Friday

Sam Tsering

Sam Tsering
Accommodation Adviser
Available Monday – Friday

Andrea La Greca

Andrea La Greca
Available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Allie Miller

Olivia Doyle
Senior ISA - Employability

Monday - Friday

Swinburne's central Student Services provide support across a range of different areas to help with your studies, career and personal life.

Services include:

  • Careers and employment
  • Disability support
  • Equity
  • Finance
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Counselling
  • Multi faith facilities