Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) outcomes

Swinburne’s ongoing commitment to high impact research is clearly demonstrated in the recent Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) ratings. This success, coupled with our rapid growth rates in research publications and funding, ensures we continue to be a world-class research destination. With large investments in infrastructure and technology, including the $140 million Advanced Technologies Centre, Swinburne attracts renowned researchers, high profile industry partnerships and government grants that drive innovation.

Above world standard

In the most recent rankings, Swinburne was awarded an ERA 5 rating for Astronomical and Space Sciences, putting it well above world standard. Swinburne is home to three highly cited (HiCi) astronomy researchers. These researchers are in the top 0.5 per cent of those in their field worldwide. And with just ten active Hi-Ci astronomers across Australia, this represents a significant cluster of leading researchers at one institution.

In 2015, Swinburne was named by the ARWU as one of the Top 100 universities in the world for Physics.

Ground breaking work done by Swinburne’s Centre for Ocean Engineering, Science and Technology, saw Swinburne achieve an ERA 5 rating for Maritime Engineering – the only university in Australia to do so.

Across disciplines

A stellar performance in the ERA ratings demonstrates that Swinburne has risen rapidly to become one of the most renowned research institutions in the country.

ERA ScoreField of Research
5 Astronomical and Space Sciences
5 Atomic, Molecular, Nuclear, Particle and Plasma Physics
5 Optical Physics
5 Nanotechnology
5 Maritime Engineering
5 Materials Engineering
5 Physical Chemistry (Incl. Structural)
5 Neurosciences
4 Quantum Physics
4 Chemical Sciences
4 Computer Software
4 Engineering
4 Civil Engineering
4 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
4 Mechanical Engineering
4 Technology
4 Communications Technologies
4 Psychology
4 Communication and Media Studies
4 Language, Communication and Culture
3 Applied Mathematics
3 Microbiology
3 Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
3 Data Format
3 Distributed Computing
3 Public Health and Health Services
3 Design Practice and Management
3 Urban and Regional Planning
3 Business and Management
3 Marketing
3 Sociology
3 Historical Studies

How it works

The ERA rating system is administered by the Australian Research Council. University research is categorised into eight evaluation units, called Fields of Research (FoR). The council measures each university’s research programs against national and international benchmarks and then committees made up of renowned local and international researchers assign ratings. 

The five ratings are:


Well above world standard


Above world standard


At world standard


Below world standard


Well below world standard