Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute

The Iverson Health Innovation Institute is named after the Founding Dean of the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design, Professor Don Iverson.

This Institute will pursue real-world health challenges across the human lifespan. We will focus on delivering action-oriented outcomes in minimising the impact of chronic disease on patients, the health care system and society.

This work will be developed through extensive consultation with industry leaders and will exploit Swinburne’s strengths in:

  • Working with clinicians and patients to generate and adopt innovative health technologies using co-design processes and focusing on health care efficiencies
  • Creating citizen-centric healthcare by using big data to understand health risks, facilitate personalised care and reduce or prevent duplication of care
  • Empowering citizens to own their health decisions and direct their care using a 'flipped health care' model.

These three themes will be supported by the following core programs and targeted research priorities.

1. Cognition and neuroscience

  • Enhancing cognitive performance – psychopharmacology, neural interfaces, neuromodulation
  • Serious mental illness – aetiology and treatments for serious mental illness
  • Ageing well – dementia, e-health interventions, social determinants of health

2. Bioengineering solutions

  • Biomaterials, biophysics, biophotonics, neural stimulation, drug delivery
  • Tissue engineering, biointerface engineering, spectroscopy and materials/biochemical characterisation, biodevices.

3. Health communication technologies and promotions

  • e-Health; psycho-oncology; supportive care interventions; health communication and promotion

University and industry connectivity

The Institute will strategically cultivate the best connections from Swinburne, Victoria and across the globe. The Institute will draw upon existing partnerships and forge new ones with from research, industry and government.

The expertise at several of Swinburne’s established research centres will be indispensible to the Institute’s success (including Human Psycho-pharmacology, Brain and Psychological Sciences, Micro-photonics, and Quantum Optics and Spectroscopy).

Swinburne is investing in attracting the best talent to the Institute and building world-class infrastructure, such as in cell biology, bio-characterisation, and bio-imaging. Swinburne is a key research partner in the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery (currently under development).

Links with Swinburne’s disciplines and departments will allow our talented researchers to embed themselves, unencumbered, in Iverson projects. The Institute will be a crucible for developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Meet the Institute Director

Professor Gavin Lambert is the Foundation Director of the Iverson Health Innovation Institute.  Gavin was formerly Head of the Human Neurotransmitters Laboratory at the Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute. He is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and has over 30 years’ experience as a neurochemist/clinical research scientist. His research focus includes psychological stress, hypertension and obesity.


Professor Gavin Lambert, Foundation Director of the Iverson Health Innovation Institute
e: ihi@swin.edu.au