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Our Services

We provide a range of wellbeing services to older adults living in residential care settings, independent living units and retirement villages.

Our services are tailored to suit the individual's needs. This approach emphasises the importance of a strong therapeutic relationship between the practitioner and client and involvement of family members and professional caregivers. 

Counselling and group programs are provided by psychology, social work and counselling students in their final years of training (e.g., PhD, masters, Doctorate), under supervision by experienced clinicians. 


We provide counselling services to older adults living in residential and community
settings. An individual appointment with a counsellor is typically 50 minutes.

Often counselling involves a life review and conversations about current problems, goals and needs. Counsellors may need to involve others such as facility staff and family members to provide high-quality assistance. However, treatment is always centered on the goals, needs and interests of the client.

A major focus of our counselling involves finding creative ways of engaging with older adults, their families and carers to help them cope with life transitions, loss and grief issues, physical health problems and mental health difficulties. A range of interventions are used, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, reminiscence/narrative therapy and solution focused therapy.

Personal and health information is treated with professional confidentiality under the Australian Psychological Society's Code of Ethics and relevant Victorian Government legislation.

Referrals for counselling can come from the individual, a family member or professional staff.

Group programs

The clinic offers group-based treatment and support services including reminiscence groups and carer support programs.

Reminiscence groups engage older adults to review past experiences, challenges and successes, and aim to enhance personal wellbeing.

Carer support programs address the emotional stress of carers by creating a comfortable and structured space for discussion and learning.

Digital stories

Digital story services are provided by volunteers who visit older adults over a few months to develop a digital video about a resident’s life. These services are based on the understanding that the telling of one’s story is a means to reaffirm identity, uniqueness and lived experiences.

Sharing life stories can also improve professional carers’ knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of the individual. The videos or storybooks can be presented as gifts or legacy documents to the next generation of family members. 


Befriending services provide social companionship and support to adults living in residential and retirement communities.

Both volunteers and clients benefit from such visits. For the volunteer, such visits allow for opportunities to learn about historical events and gain competency in communicating with seniors. For the older adults, contact with the younger community provides opportunities to talk about current and past events, share lessons learnt and engage in meaningful and recreational activities.

Befriending services are provided by undergraduate university student volunteers who visit the older adults once a week or fortnight.

Request a service

To request any of the above services, please complete an online referral: