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Our research

The Centre for Human Psychopharmacology embraces four key areas of research:

  • Cognition enhancement focusing on the effects of natural substances
  • Pharmacological and nutraceutical treatments for Neurocognitive ageing
  • Immediate and long-term neurocognitive effects of recreational drugs
  • Illicit and prescription drugs and driving

The staff represented by the CHP currently constitute the largest group internationally focusing on research into natural products for cognition enhancement.

Research methodologies focus on, but not be limited to, the effects of various substances (including natural medicines, recreational drugs and pharmaceuticals) on neurocognitive function and mood states. Methodologies will include direct measures of neurocognitive function and related biomarkers (including neuroimaging as well as markers of cardiovascular, metabolic and endocrinological functioning). Over the next two to five years we will integrate new technologies into these studies, including genetic analysis and neuroimaging.

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