All entrepreneurs have to start somewhere! If you have an idea that you think could blossom into the next big commercial opportunity, you’ll need to get your idea ‘off the ground’ first to achieve success. That’s why we have a range of programs, taught courses and experiential learning to help you gain the skills and experience you’ll need to make your big idea a reality.

Taught courses

Innovation Minor

Our new Innovation Minor allows every Swinburne undergraduate to gain the skills they need to think innovatively and creatively to address real world challenges.

Students work in multidisciplinary teams where industry and community sponsors are part of the project. This co-creation approach allows students to develop an understanding of their individual skills within the context of a broader team. They also learn about the importance of different skills, attributes and experiences in creating project success. Through the units, students will learn Lean startup thinking, design-led thinking, prototyping skills and challenge-based experiential projects.

The Innovation Minor commences in Semester 1, 2017.

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Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Whether your goal is to create a new enterprise or bring new attitudes and possibilities to an existing venture, the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to help you become an entrepreneurial leader.

This course addresses skills common to organisations of any size, including startups, small and medium enterprises, and multinational companies. You’ll meet a network of like-minded people and learn the skills needed to bridge the gap between idea and implementation.

The Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is delivered by the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Australia's first dedicated entrepreneurship school.

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