Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships (ICECS and ICAS)

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The Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship (ICECS) aims to improve higher education access for Indigenous people, particularly those who need to relocate from regional and remote areas, through payments to assist with education costs.

Courses eligible

Any higher education degree 

Eligibility / selection criteria

Applicants must:

  • Confirm they are of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage by submitting a Confirmation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Heritage certificate (COA) with their scholarship application or a certified Statutory Declaration (Stat Dec) declaring that the individual applying for the scholarship is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, and/or is accepted as such by the community in which you live, or formerly lived. 
  • provide evidence of low socio-economic status or financial hardship (documents such as Centrelink statement, payslips. Bank statements can be used if an explanation is provided in a personal statement)
  • be a commencing or current student studying full-time or part time in an undergraduate degree at Swinburne in 2023

You will automatically be assessed for Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship (ICAS). To be eligible for ICAS you must have lived in a regional or remote area of Australia within the past 4 years and need to relocate to undertake the current study. Please refer to Australian Statistical Geographical Classification – Remoteness Area to determine your geographic classification (Click on the 'Start now' button at the link provided. Choose 'Search a Location' or 'Search the Map'. Provide your address and select Australian Statistical Geographic Standard Remoteness Areas classification option to determine your geographic classification).

Please note:

  • If you are in receipt of a Centrelink Student Start Up Scholarship, Student Start up loan, Relocation Scholarship, ABSTUDY Residential Costs Options or Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships and you are offered an ICECS/ICAS, you may choose to either accept or decline the offer. If you do accept the offer, you must contact Centrelink for information about how to return the Centrelink Student Start Up Scholarship, Relocation Scholarship or Student Start up loan payment.


  • ICECS is valued at $2,900 per year paid in two instalments in the year. This scholarship is available for up to eight payment cycles.
  • ICAS is valued at $5,450 per year paid in two instalments in the year. This scholarship is available for up to eight payment cycles.

How to apply

Commencing students

Application can be made through VTAC by completing the VTAC Scholarship Application Form which is available through your VTAC user account. Refer to VTAC for opening/closing dates.

Continuing Students

Applicants should complete an online application form and submit with all supporting documentation. 

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

For assistance when completing your application, please view the Scholarship Help Guide.


All scholarships offered by Swinburne are governed by a set of conditions. Please visit our Scholarship Conditions page for further information.



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