Pearson Vacation Scholarship

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Pearson is one of the world's leading education companies, dedicated to helping learners advance their lives through learning. It operates in over 70 countries, with more than 24,000 employees. Working directly with learners, schools, universities, as well as local government departments and ministries, Pearson is involved in traditional publishing and digital learning and assessment. Its in-house legal team in Melbourne provides legal support to the Pearson businesses throughout the Asia Pacific region, as well as various global business initiatives.

This scholarship is valued at $2,500 and provides a Law student with the unique opportunity to undertake a research project while obtaining experience working with Pearson.

Research Project

In this project the successful applicant will work with Pearson at their Docklands office; an opportunity to research a real life problem, and then present their findings to Pearson management. 

The student will be able to choose a research topic from  a shortlist which may relate to publishing, intellectual property or education (including regulatory).

The recipient will then be asked to present the outcomes from the research activity to Pearson management. 

The Pearson Vacation Scholarship is for a total of 20 days, during January/February 2020. Timing is negotiable.

Courses eligible

Any on-campus Law related degree. 

The research project would suit someone with an interest in commercial law.

The student should have strong research and communication skills.

Eligibility / selection criteria

Applicants must:

  • be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or holder of a permanent humanitarian visa
  • be a current student having completed at least 1 year of their undergraduate laws degree at Swinburne University of Technology.
  • have achieved a credit average for previous study
  • submit a personal statement (no more than 500 word) addressing the following:
    • reasons for applying and how the scholarship would be of benefit
    • any personal or financial disadvantage (optional)
    • any community participation (optional)
  • submit two references including;
    • an academic reference - from a person qualified to comment on academic studies, such as a subject coordinator, school principal, etc.
    • a character reference - from a person competent to supply a character reference such as a current or past employer 



The scholarship is valued at $2,500 and includes:

  • The opportunity to undertake work experience and a research project over a period of 20 days
  • Supervision by Pearson professionals

How to apply

Applications are currently closed.


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