BMW Group Smart Melbourne Scholarships

Applications are open

BMW Group work tirelessly to find innovative solutions today for the issues of tomorrow. The challenges of urban mobility in particular not only require different vehicle products, but also new kinds of mobility systems and mobility services.

As part of the BMW Group Dialogues, and in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, the BMW Group is providing travel scholarships to five successful applicants.

The scholarships are open to students who attend Swinburne and demonstrate their interest in sustainable urban mobility. 

Courses eligible

Swinburne Associate degrees, Bachelor degrees, Master degrees, Research Higher Degrees.

Eligibility / selection criteria

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • hold a valid passport to travel to Munich, Germany
  • Be available to travel to Munich in December 2018 or January 2019
  • Applicants must be eighteen years or older at the time of travel 

Applicants must respond to the selection criteria: 

  • Provide a personal statement (200 words maximum) demonstrating your interest in sustainability and/or smart cities and/or urban mobility and how travel to BMW Group’s headquarters in Munich aligns with your interests
  • Provide a response to the Smart Melbourne Prompt:
    Smart Melbourne: Melbourne aspires to be carbon neutral by 2020. However, yesterday’s technology cannot solve tomorrow’s problems. What technology or service would you invent to bring the city of Melbourne closer to its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2020? Identify one major challenge related to urban mobility in Melbourne and present a creative solution to address this challenge. Please include how this solution benefits the residents of Melbourne.

Submissions should be either:

  • a creative submission such as a video, prototypes, visuals, etc. (maximum 3 minutes) and a brief statement (maximum 300 words) introducing your creative submission, or
  • a written submission (max 1000 words) responding to the ‘Smart Melbourne’ prompt.


Each successful scholar will receive 1,000 Euros as a cash prize and an all-expense-paid trip to BMW Group Headquarters and research and development facilities in Munich, Germany to meet with experts in the field of sustainable urban mobility.

How to apply

Candidates should download the Sponsorship Application Form and email their submissions by 30 September 2018, with the subject line “Smart Melbourne Scholarship,” to

Please send only one, final submission email that includes:

  • Application form as a PDF or Word document, including your response to the selection criteria and Smart Melbourne prompt

If you are responding to the Smart Melbourne Prompt with a creative submission, you must upload the submission to an online service and provide the website address (URL) in the application. Online services could include but are not limited to Dropbox, Vimeo, youtube, etc. 

Submissions must be:

  • in English.
  • relevant to a mobility challenge in Melbourne with a solution that directly benefits the residents of Melbourne.

The selection panel will review your creative submission online. If there are security protections in place, please advise in the application how the selection panel can access your creative submission online.

Winners will be selected based on originality and the quality of their application.

Please note:

  • Late submissions will not be considered
  • Candidates with multiple submissions will be disqualified
  • Group submissions will not be considered. Only individuals may submit proposals.