Piers Fowler Flight Instructor Scholarship

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Piers Fowler was an integral part of general and commercial aviation in Australia for over 20 years. Piers combined his love of both aviation and teaching and displayed skill and commitment in all areas of his endeavours. He was a colleague and friend to many at Swinburne. Therefore we are honoured that Piers’ family, through the Piers Fowler Trust, are considering the establishment of a range of initiatives to recognise Piers’ contribution to aviation and his time at Swinburne, first as a student and then a teacher, to continue what he liked to do most – share the skills and learning of aviation with other pilots.

Piers was a dedicated and accomplished instructor. Only a handful of First Officers are chosen to be trained to instruct experienced airline pilots to fly a new aircraft type, from a peer group of hundreds. The Piers Fowler Flight Instructor Scholarship is offered to a student undertaking the Flight Instructor Rating Practicum (AVF80006) in the Graduate Certificate of Aviation (Piloting) offered by Swinburne University. This scholarship not only seeks to sponsor aspiring pilots to achieve their Instructor Rating but to provide the opportunity to experience the role of Airline Check Pilot / Training Pilot. This scholarship plays a part in pioneering a new link between the industry and education and training.

Courses eligible

Single or double undergraduate degree program in Aviation offered by Swinburne University.

Eligibility / selection criteria

Applicants must:

  • be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa
  • be a current third year student enrolled full-time in a single or double undergraduate degree program in Aviation offered by Swinburne
  • have obtained their Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • have achieved a credit average for all completed units
  • submit a 500-word statement explaining why an Instructor Rating is important to their career aspirations. Include details of financial hardship, if applicable.


This scholarship is valued at $10,000.
Each scholarship recipient will be given the opportunity of an industry mentor.

How to apply

Applications are closed.


All scholarships offered by Swinburne are governed by a set of conditions. Please visit our Scholarship Conditions page for further information.


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