Global Leadership Program

Maximise your international employment potential with two postgraduate qualifications from two leading universities: Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, and Northeastern University in Boston, USA.

Become a global leader

Our Global Leadership Programs have a strong focus on developing creative and strategic leadership skills.

Employers are searching for leaders with imagination and vision. The practical course content in these programs accelerates learning, allowing you to gain two postgraduate qualifications in two years or less.

Teaching is conducted at Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus in Melbourne and Northeastern units are taught by American lecturers. There is also the opportunity to travel to Boston to attend classes at Northeastern.

Global Leadership in Business Administration (International)

Global Leadership in Finance and Banking

Global Leadership in Marketing

Global Leadership in Professional Accounting

Leadership stream

All students in the Global Leadership Program undertake units from Northeastern’s Leadership Stream. Students complete eight units to receive the Master of Science in Leadership or four units to receive the Graduate Certificate in Leadership.

The traditional belief that leadership skills reside solely with a handful of top executives has been replaced by contemporary collaborative models where influence and decision-making is distributed throughout an organisation. The Leadership Stream is designed to assist today’s leaders and prepare emerging leaders in meeting the challenges of an increasingly diverse and complex workforce.

Units feature an action-learning approach that is intended to leverage the interdisciplinary backgrounds of participants and help build leadership competencies. All Leadership Stream units are taught by Northeastern academic staff.

Global Leadership in Boston program

Students undertaking a master program have the opportunity to complete two Leadership Stream units on campus at Northeastern in Boston, USA. The Global Leadership in Boston program lasts four weeks and takes place during Swinburne’s Winter Term (usually June to July).

Note: Students who wish to study in the USA must obtain an appropriate visa.

Global Leadership Conference

Global Leadership Program students will be invited to join the annual Global Leadership Conference, co-hosted by Swinburne and Northeastern. This conference provides the opportunity for students to exchange ideas, explore the complexity of leadership and consider the challenges faced by leaders in the modern world.