How to apply

Ready to apply? Go for it! You can apply directly to us at any time.

Your application process will vary depending on your circumstances.

If you’re a mature age, gap year or current Swinburne student and applying for just one course, you can follow our handy step-by-step guide below and apply directly to us today.

If you are a Year 12 student or you’re applying for multiple courses that are listed in VTAC and start in Semester One, you’ll need to follow these steps but apply through VTAC. Likewise, if you’ve already created a VTAC account in the past year, you’ll need to apply and update your preferences through VTAC. Be aware that VTAC has strict deadlines – so check what they are to stay on top of them.

Ready? Let’s go.

1. Choose your course

This kinda goes without saying. But if you’ve found your way here and you’re still umming and ahhing, go back and get clear about which course is for you.

Got it, now? Right, next step.

2. Understand and gather your supporting documentation

All direct applications require supporting documentation. This will include proof of your identity and citizenship and any other documents specific to your course (such as a portfolio). Be sure to carefully read the course page for details.

For VTAC applicants, follow the guidelines on the VTAC site.

If you’re seeking an exemption for previous study, you’ll also need to submit evidence along with your application, such as transcripts and unit outlines. You’ll be assessed for credit before your offer is issued, so now’s the time to collate material.

3. Apply

Yep, you’re ready to do this!

Apply directly using Swinburne’s online application system. If you’ve followed the above steps, it should only take you about twenty minutes. If you’re a current Swinburne student, simply log in with your student number and password.

For those needing to apply or update preferences with VTAC, you’re ready to go too. Woo!