Script Adaptation: Stage, Screen and Multimedia

PWR70003 12.5 Credit Points Online


  • 13 week study period

Contact hours

  • Online and private study - 12.5 hours per week

On-campus unit delivery combines face-to-face and digital learning. For Online unit delivery, learning is conducted exclusively online.


Graduate Certificate of Arts (Writing) or equivalent

Aims and objectives

This unit encourages students to develop an understanding of how to read, write and research the wide range of adaptations that are made for presentation on stage, screen and in the digital world. This unit introduces students to a range of adaptive processes and theories, and invites them to consider the challenges inherent in the transfer of content from one modality (eg. print or TV) to delivery through another (eg. cinema or online). In this unit, students identify and apply elements of writing for performance, including plot, character and mise-en-scene; develop script proposals and outlines; and explore the industrial and cultural demands of proposing and developing a script for performance.

On completion of this unit students should be able to:
  • Critique the rationale for adaptations of existing and future works, identify the various theoretical approaches to adaptation, and evaluate how the elements of storytelling can be used to transform a source text into a new creative work for stage and screen.
  • Evaluate the relationships between storytelling skills such as use of dialogue, manipulation of plot and communication of character and to evaluate how these can be harnessed for their own writing.
  • Envision, plan, and compose an adaptation of their own from a source text.


Courses with unit

This unit is not offered from 2018 and has been replace by PWR70005 Scriptwriting
A unit of study in the Graduate Certificate of Writing, Graduate Diploma of Writing and Masters of Writing