Stress Aware and Self Care

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At its core, stress arises as our body's reaction to the pressures stemming from various situations or life occurrences. Our social and economic situation, environment, and genetic makeup are just a few examples of the many factors that can contribute to stress. Common triggers of stress encompass encountering novel or unforeseen situations, facing challenges to our self-perception, or grappling with situations where our sense of control is limited.

Engage in a transformative 2-hour session dedicated to redefining your relationship with stress. Rooted in the understanding of stress's origins and impacts, this workshop provides you with actionable techniques to cultivate self-care, ensuring holistic well-being in the face of life's many challenges.

Who should attend?

This short course is for anyone wanting to understand stress, triggers, ways to improve resilience and manage stress in the workplace.


2 hours

Study modes

Face-to-face, workplace, Live online


$250 (2023)

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