Resilience and Stress Management

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The pressure is building on professionals in the workplace. In our modern world, we have busy and ever-changing lives – which can significantly impact on our health, happiness and general wellbeing. We are often told we need to become more resilient to these pressures, but that is not easy to achieve.

One in three people experience a mental health issue during their lifetime, and one in five experience a significant mental health incident. These figures continue to increase, and workplace pressures aren’t easing up.

This course centres participants in their lives, both professional and personal. We equip them with the skills on how to better resource themselves to manage stress, be more resilient, manage their energy better, and step onto a path of self-care.

This course provides supportive and practical strategies that helps participants to think about their habits, shift and change, and be their best.

This course teaches emotional management, self-regulation, and the ability to positively influence others and yourself. We break down circular thinking and shift negative thinking.

Participants gain an awareness of their mindsets and internal questions, and are taught how to reframe negative and stressful thinking into calmer, practical strategies.

Who should attend?

This course is open to anyone, at any stage in their personal or professional lives, who wants to learn methods of improving their stress management, resilience and capacity to deal with the pressures of our modern workplace.

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