Mediation Training

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Every workplace experiences conflict. Learning how to be a mediator equips you with valuable knowledge and skills to mediate workplace disputes and find resolutions to problems internally, saving your organisation time and money.

In this one-day workplace mediation course for managers and HR professionals, you will study the core skills to become an effective mediator. You will develop the ability to plan and run mediations to defuse situations at work and resolve conflict effectively between two or more parties.

Discover step-by-step how to facilitate the workplace mediation process, from planning and discovery to asking the right questions, formulating options for resolutions, and drafting and finalising agreements. Learn how to identify which mediation systems and models to use, explain procedures to each party, set appropriate boundaries, develop guidelines for mediation, and work effectively with stakeholders.

On completion of this workplace mediator short course, you will be able to mediate a range of workplace disputes using best-practice techniques and communication. You’ll also understand how to review and refine your mediation processes to improve your skills.

Who should attend?

Managers and human resource professionals who want to expand their skills in mediation and conflict resolution.

Every international student application is considered for a scholarship
Whether you’re living in Australia or overseas, you’re automatically considered for a scholarship of up to 20% off your course fees. Please check our updated entry requirements.


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