Bachelor of Design (Honours)

Blended learning – on-campus and digital learning

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Course rules

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Design (Honours), students must complete 100 credit points of Honours units as outlined below:

  • Stream 1: Design Factory Melbourne Projects
    87.5 credit points compulsory Stream 1 units
    1 unit of other studies (12.5 credit points) comprising an elective unit 
  • Stream 2: Design Factory Melbourne Global Projects
    100 credit points compulsory Stream 2 units
  • Stream 3: Bureau: Professional Practice
    100 credit points compulsory Stream 3 units


  • Stream 1 is the default study sequence. Once a Stream is commenced it cannot be altered. Stream 2 is only available as a mid-year intake

Design Factory Melbourne

The course curriculum is distinctive in that it brings together a university-wide, interdisciplinary student cohort to collaborate and solve real-world industry problems within its Design Factory Melbourne units.

Design Factory Melbourne balances research literacy and the application of professional research with industry training, and provides access to real-world (local and international) industry focused projects. Students bring their specialist expertise to these projects, collaborating with other students from diverse backgrounds, year levels and disciplines to co-create new ideas and advanced design solutions. Throughout the process, students present and liaise with external, industry-based individuals and/or groups. Find out more about local and global projects at Design Factory Melbourne.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Design (Honours) program are well placed to participate in a range of industry-based research, at national and international levels.