In order to apply for a supplementary assessment, you need to meet all of the following criteria:

  • You’ve obtained a pass result in all units for your award except one
  • You’ve made a genuine attempt, presented for and failed a unit in the final teaching period (or second-last teaching period if the unit is required to complete your course and not offered in your final teaching period). A genuine attempt means you must have fulfilled all of the unit’s assessment requirements (as specified in the unit outline) and achieved an overall mark of 40% to 49%
  • You’ve never previously been granted a supplementary assessment (‘last to complete’) assessment in your course
  • You’re not enrolled in a nested course and intend to proceed directly to the next stage of the course. You are only entitled to one supplementary assessment (‘last to complete’) while completing the final stage of a nested course.

Note: A ‘nested course’ is one with exit points at multiple award levels. This may apply to you if you are doing a course at graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters level. 

How to apply for a supplementary assessment

Submit an application by midday, five working days after final results are published in your final teaching period. You cannot submit an application until all your results are published. Aside from exceptional circumstances, a supplementary assessment (‘last to complete’) will not be granted if failure of the unit was caused by academic misconduct.

You’ll find out if you’ve been granted supplementary assessment (‘last to complete’) via your Swinburne student email account so make sure you check your Swinburne email regularly or redirect it to an email you check frequently.

You’ll need to respond promptly to requests for action or information supporting your application. 

Submit an application


If you’re granted a supplementary assessment, your final result for that unit will be based on the outcome of the supplementary assessment. Students that pass the supplementary assessment task will be awarded a mark of 50 and an SP grade for the unit.

Students that do not pass or do not sit the supplementary assessment will be awarded an SN grade for the unit.

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