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Professor Damien Hicks

ARC Future Fellow
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States; MS, Stanford University, United States; BS, Stanford University, United States


I received my BS (1993) and MS (1993) from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering and my PhD (1999) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Applied Plasma Physics. From 2000-2014 I was a post-doc then staff physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) where I led an experimental team at the National Ignition Facility. My fields of research included high-pressure physics, shock waves, thermonuclear fusion, and plasma diagnostics.  I am currently an Australian Research Council Future Fellow where I focus on statistical and causal modelling in a variety of complex systems. I have particular interest in the nature of inference, of how we represent data using statistical models, and how we identify causes using mechanistic models. My group works with domain scientists to solve inference and modelling problems with societal importance, focussing on domains where the bottlenecks are in the analysis and understanding of data. Current projects include: inferring cellular decisions in single-cell lineages; tracking of cell properties and behaviour using time-lapse microscopy; inferring the physiological quantities underlying observed electrical signals in the brain.

Research interests

Computational Biology; Applied Statistics; Complex Systems

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

PhD topics and outlines

Data-Driven Computational Modelling: PhD scholarships are available for students interested in data-driven computational modelling. Students will apply inference methods to tackle specific problems in the dynamics of living systems. Current projects involve inference in trees, and inference of physiological parameters in the brain.


Available to supervise honours students.

Fields of Research

  • Atomic, Molecular, Nuclear, Particle And Plasma Physics - 020200
  • Complex Physical Systems - 029902

Teaching areas

Statistical Mechanics;Classical Mechanics


Also published as: Hicks, Damien; Hicks, D.; Hicks, D. G.; Hicks, Damien G.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2014: Ultrafast Photonic Electron Microscopy: Visualising dynamics at the nanoscale *; ARC Future Fellowships

* Chief Investigator

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