The leadership that got us into this mess can’t get us out of it. What does leadership 4.0 need to look like?

Swinburne Innovation Studio has partnered with the Menzies Foundation to bring you the Menzies Foundation Swinburne University (MFSU) Leadership Hackathon. 

Through a series of short, interactive and collaborative invitation-only sessions, the MFSU Leadership Hackathon seeks to explore new leadership paradigms to bring Australia forward. 

The inaugural session was held in April 2021 – addressing the failures of leadership in the country to redesign a new leadership paradigm. It brought together leaders from politics, business, public service, community, arts, philanthropy and sports. The next session is planned for November 2021.

Results from the Leadership Hackathon will be used in the creation of our white paper in collaboration with the Swinburne Leadership Index.

MFSU Leadership Hackathon

MFSU Leadership Hackathon

Watch the highlights from the inaugural MFSU Leadership Hackaton in April 2021.

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