What is Blockchain?

Blockchain provides a practical solution that allows data and transactions to be verified accurately and efficiently. As a revolutionary technology, Blockchain  allows data and transactions to be recorded in a reliable and verifiable way via the mechanism of the secure and decentralised ledger.

Blockchain is nowadays the backbone of almost all the prominent infrastructure with vast potentials in many domains. It can be envisaged that in the very near future, blockchain technology will be widely used in the domains such as healthcare, government, finance, education, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics.

Our research has been supported by Australian Research Council (ARC), Data61, and various key industry partners.

Focus areas and capabilities

Our research is application and impact-driven and is focused on the development and evaluation of new generation blockchain systems in different application areas. Much of it is experimental and is focused on validating proposed new concepts by means of implementation and deployment in prototypes that are used in the real world.

Our special areas of capabilities include:

  • Blockchain architecture

  • Performance and efficiency of blockchain

  • Blockchain applications and proof-of-concept

  • Smart contracts

  • Security and privacy in blockchain.

Case study

Building Trust with Distributed Ledgers for Digital Platforms

We are working with our partner CSIRO Data61 on prividing framework and guidance for the application of building trusted consumer consent in open banking and other sectors. 

We explore technical feasibility, risks, and potential benefits of using a blockchain-based extension of New Payments Platform (NPP) to allow smart contracts to decide on conditional payments, where those smart contracts can also use Consumer Data Rights (CDR) authorisations to access data through CDR APIs. We design and develop blockchain-based solutions for:

  • Consent management for data sharing 

  • NPP overlay service for conditional payment.

Contact the Blockchain Lab team

If you’re looking to collaborate and partner with us, please contact Associate Professor Sheng Wen, Director of the Blockchain Innovation Lab via blockchain@swinburne.edu.au or swen@swinburne.edu.au.

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