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Distinguished Professor in Applied Mathematics


Professor Vo Anh is currently Distinguished Professor of Applied Mathematics in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, Swinburne University of Technology.  Prior to this appointment, he was a Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology, for 2004 – 2014. He was Director of the Mathematical Sciences Cluster at QUT for 2009-2010.

Professor Vo Anh has been named a Highly Cited Researcher by Clarivate Analytics for six consecutive years 2015-2020. He received 14,748 citations and h-index of 61 (Google Scholar Citations, 24 November 2022).

Among other awards, he was Distinguished Overseas Scholar, Hunan Province, China, 2014; Julius Kühn Professor, Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, July 2009; Invitation Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, November 2002; Invitation Fellow, Foundation of Academic Advancement and International Exchange, Japan, July 1997. He is a Fellow of the Australian Mathematical Society since 1996.

Professor Vo Anh has published 1 edited book, 307 papers in refereed international journals, 3 book chapters and 7 refereed papers in books. His research grants include

  • ARC Discovery Grant DP230102414, 2023-2025, $373,000. F. Liu (QUT), I. Turner (QUT), V.V. Anh (QUT and Swinburne University of Technology), X. Jiang (Shandong University), L. Zheng (USTB). Project: Computational modelling of nanofluids for industrial applications.
  • ARC Discovery Grant DP190101889, 2019-2021, $339,000. F. Liu (QUT), V. Vegh (UQ), Q. Yang (QUT), V.V. Anh (QUT), R. Magin (U Illinois at Chicago), W. Tan (Peking U). Project: Fractional dynamic models for MRI to probe tissue microstructure.
  • Natural Science Foundation of China Grant 11871061, 1 January 2019 - 31 December 2022, 530,000 Yuan Renmingbi. Zu-Guo Yu (Xiangtan U), Vo Van Anh (SUT), Conping Lin (Hong Kong UST), Shaoming Zhu (Xiangtan U). Project: Multifractal analyses of fractal time series and complex networks and their applications to bioinformatics.
  • ARC Discovery Grant DP160101366, 2016 - 31 August 2019, $324,686. P. Broadbridge (La Trobe), A. Olenko (La Trobe), V.V. Anh (QUT), N.N. Leonenko (Cardiff). Project: New methods in theory and cosmic applications of spherical random fields.
  • ARC Discovery Grant DP120103770, 2012-2014, $360,000. I. Turner (QUT), K. Burrage (QUT), V.V. Anh (QUT), T. Moroney (QUT). Project: From genes to organs:  Understanding how heterogeneity in tissue modulates cellular behaviour in the heart.
  • ARC Discovery Grant DP0986766, 2009-2011, $185,000. I. Turner (QUT), V.V. Anh (QUT). Project: A multi-scale approach for modeling coupled transport in heterogeneous and anisotropic porous media.
  • ARC Discovery Grant DP0559807, 2005-2009, $353,000. V.V. Anh (QUT), K.S. Lau (Chinese University of Hong Kong), N.N. Leonenko (Cardiff University), J.M. Angulo and M.D. Ruiz-Medina (University of Granada). Project: Stochastic modeling of spatiotemporal nonlinear diffusion processes with multifractal characteristics.
  • ARC Discovery Grant DP0345577, 2003-2005, $195,000. V.V. Anh (QUT), C.C. Heyde (Australian National University & Columbia University) and N.N. Leonenko (Cardiff University). Project: Statistical estimation and approximation of anomalous diffusion.

Research interests

Mathematical modelling; Stochastic processes

Fields of Research

  • Numerical And Computational Mathematics - 490300


Also published as: Anh, Vo; Anh, V.; Anh, V. V.; Anh, Vo V.
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