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Taylor Gogan was awarded his PhD at Swinburne University of Technology in 2022. Taylor’s research focuses on social psychology, with a primary interest in person perception and social cognition.

Research interests

Cognitive Psychology; Social Psychology

PhD candidate and honours supervision


Available to supervise honours students.

Honours topics and outlines

Dating apps and the halo effect: Dating apps have become a primary means of seeking romantic relationships. The images presented on a person’s profile can heavily influence dating outcomes; however, these images can be readily altered. This project would explore how altered/ edited images (e.g., snapchat filters) influence judgements of trust and attractiveness on dating apps.

Facial recognition technology: Facial recognition technology is becoming increasingly utilised in the modern world (e.g., retail stores). However, little is known about public perceptions of this technology and what factors might influence these perceptions. Therefore, this project would explore public perceptions of facial recognition technology in retail stores.

Patient Trust in AI-driven Medical Diagnoses: AI is increasingly being used in healthcare settings (e.g., assisting with diagnoses). This project will investigate psychological factors underlying patient comfort with the use of AI in medical contexts.

Perceptions of racial bias in facial recognition technology: There is growing awareness of racial biases in facial recognition technology. This has raised concerns that use of this technology might reinforce and exacerbate existing racial disparities, particularly within forensic contexts. However, public perceptions of the extent and the nature of these biases are not well understood.

Police use of facial recognition technology: Some countries are trialling the use of facial recognition technology in police departments. The perceived fairness of the use of this technology by police is unclear. Similarly, it is not clear how accurate this technology needs to be in order to be endorsed by the public. Therefore, this project will explore perceptions around police use of facial recognition technology.

Fields of Research

  • Cognitive And Computational Psychology - 520400
  • Social Psychology - 520505

Teaching areas

Cognitive Psychology;Psychological Measurement;Social Psychology


Also published as: Gogan, Taylor; Gogan, T.; Gogan, T. D.; Gogan, Taylor D.
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