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Pauliina Mattila


Research interests

Innovation; Strategic & Transformative Design: Design Thinking and Complexity; Service Design; Product Innovation Design; Education

Fields of Research

  • Design - 330300

Teaching areas

Service Design;Strategic & Transformative Design: Design Thinking and Complexity


  • 2020, Swinburne, Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Award - Highly Commended, Swinburne University
  • 2020, Swinburne, Vice-Chancellor's Engagement Award - Industry Engagement, Swinburne University
  • 2020, International, Innovation Space of the Year - Runner Up , Triple E Awards
  • 2020, International, Innovation Challenge of the Year, Triple E Awards
  • 2018, Swinburne, VC Innovation Award - Highly commended, Swinburne University
  • 2018, Swinburne, Dean's Award - Industry Engagement, Swinburne University
  • 2015, National, OLT citation nominee, OLT
  • 2012, International, Best UX Design, Grand One
  • 2012, International, Best Consumer Service, Grand One
  • 2011, Other, Project of the Year, Project Managers' Club


Also published as: Mattila, Pauliina; Mattila, P.; Mattila, Marja; Mattila, M.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2021: RFQ: Preventing Financial Abuse of Women – Safety by Design *; Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • 2020: The establishment of a Design Factory node at Nandin *; Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation
  • 2019: Product Development for people with disabilities *; Tikkun Olam Makers Australia Pty Ltd
  • 2017: Design Factory Melbourne: Improving the user experience of accessing investment information  *; IRESS Ltd Fund scheme/contract
  • 2017: Facilitation of Design Factory student project - ‘DFM Cisco Spark - Enabling teams for CX *; CISCO SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
  • 2016: DFM IECH Patient Room Experience *; Inner East Community Health Service
  • 2016: ME310 2016-207 “Op” *; Aalto University
  • 2014: SDF: New Integrated Retail Models *; ProjectProject
  • 2013: Stacks *; Blink Pocket Pty Ltd

* Chief Investigator