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Dr Oren Tirosh

Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics
Human Movement, Deakin University, Australia; Rehabilitation Therapy, Queens University, Canada; Physical Education, Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute, Israel


Dr Oren Tirosh is the Director of the Biomechanics laboratory at SUT (see An esteemed biomechanist, with extensive clinical and research experience in integrated human biomechanics. Oren specialises in movement analysis, wearable sensor technology, 3-dimensional (3D) gait, clinical gait analysis, gait variability and performance, and injury prevention. 20 years of posture and gait research with practical experience in clinical gait analysis working in the gait laboratory at the Royal Children's Hospital and in the biomechanics laboratory at Motion.3D Pty Ltd engaging with athletes such as F1 driver Mark Webber, Australian high jumper and 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medallist Eleanor Patterson, and Australian leading female marathon runner Sinead Diver. His expertise in developing telehealth web applications are internationally recognised from his Gaitabase web application for gait analysis and the PROMsBase web platform for patient reporting outcome measures analysis in orthopaedics.

Research interests

Biomedical science; Health Technology Assessment; Sport Science

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

PhD topics and outlines

Biomechanics and Sensor Technology in walking and running: The project will involve innovative devices and procedures to improve walking and running, and to reduce the risk for injuries. It will also look at improving the analysis and interpretation of movement performance in sport.

Gait analysis and muscle strength after orthopaedic procedures: The laboratory gait evaluation included simultaneous recording of body kinematics, kinetics, and muscle activation patterns in patients walking unassisted at their natural cadence. Exploring the affect of orthopaedic procedures using 3D gait analyis and gait related functional activities.

Quadriceps tendon compared to hamstring tendon graft outcomes following ACL reconstruction: The PhD project aims to bridge the gap in the literature and objectively evaluate the impact of different surgical graft approaches for ACL reconstruction on functional and strength outcome measures that translate to meaningful procedure selection for surgeons, allied health, and patients in the community.

TelePhysio Tele-Assessment in Orthopaedics: The ability to perform clinical tele-assessment to assess postural and functional control is a major fundamental gap in existing telemedicine model. To address the gap, we developed a novel tele-assessment platform using patient mobile device and web application interface. The project will address this in joint replacement patients.


Available to supervise honours students.

Honours topics and outlines

Gait analysis and muscle strength after orthopaedic procedures: The laboratory gait evaluation included simultaneous recording of body kinematics, kinetics, and muscle activation patterns in patients walking unassisted at their natural cadence.Exploring the affect of orthopaedic procedures using 3D gait analyis and gait related functional activities.

Graft choice in ACL reconstruction: A central part of this project is to collect large descriptive morphology and musculoskeletal strength data from non-injured and pre and post ACL injury individuals and to develop machine learning algorithm to identify markers that will assist in evidence based selection of the type of graft.

Inertial sensor technology to reduce ground impact during running: Tibial stress fractures are common injuries in runners. Runners with tibial stress fractures showed tibial peak positive acceleration (PPA) almost twice as large as healthy controls. Visual and Audio biofeedback of tibial PPA during running can be used as a method of gait retraining to reduce PPAs. This project will investigate this.

TelePhysio-remote tele-assessment system: We developed a tele-assessment system to allow clinicians to remotely connect to patient smartphone and measure balance and functional control. The project will explore the use of TelePhysio in variaty of population

Fields of Research

  • Biomechanics - 420701
  • Orthopaedics - 320216
  • Occupational Therapy - 420104
  • Rehabilitation - 420109
  • Allied Health And Rehabilitation Science Not Elsewhere Classified - 420199

Teaching areas

Sport Science


Also published as: Tirosh, Oren; Tirosh, O.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2024: Simulated sailing: a new approach to ameliorate depression in patients with chronic diseases. *; Barbara Dicker Brain Science grant
  • 2022: Assessment of the FemmeCore TM product for pregnancy support *; Lenny Rose Pty Ltd Fund Scheme
  • 2022: Gender differences in perceived workload, usability and physical outcomes using Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery - A Research Survey *; CMR Surgical Ltd Fund Scheme
  • 2022: Transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation combined with locomotor training to improve walking ability in people with chronic spinal cord injury: a multi-centre double-blinded randomised sham-controlled trial *; NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH AUSTRALIA FUND SCHEME
  • 2021: Development of a web-based repository system for monitoring of community fitness and muscle strength *; South Yarra Spine & Sports Medicine
  • 2021: Exercises delivered by Simulated Sailing and their application to those at risk from falls and fatality. *; Northern Health
  • 2021: Smartphone Tele-Assessment to Enable Superior Monitoring and Diagnosis of Postural and Functional Control in Total Knee Replacements *; Defence Health Foundation
  • 2021: Validation of a linear position transducer’s accuracy in resistance training exercises *; KINETIC PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD FUND SCHEME
  • 2021: Wearable Devices Research & Innovation Pilot *; Silver Chain Group Limited Fund Scheme
  • 2020: An investigation into the utility of the Immune Cycle in muscle damage, inflammation and recovery *; Lifecycle Technologies
  • 2020: MORI: Foot and Ankle Database *; Melbourne Orthopaedic Research Institute
  • 2019: Development of a web-based repository system for normative and pathology isokinetic muscle strength  *; Lifecare Prahran Market Pilates
  • 2019: Surgical outcomes of different total hip arthroplasty techniques *; Medacta Australia Pty Ltd
  • 2019: Test the reliability and validity of the new VDMA Index *; Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel
  • 2019: Virtual Reality fidelity and its relationship to presence through gait analysis *; Tel Aviv University - Swinburne Research Collaboration Awards
  • 2019: Wearable gait and neurological diagnostics system in the form of a smart insole *; RIZMIK_PT

* Chief Investigator