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Dr Amirul Islam is an Associate Professor at the Swinburne University of Technology, a Senior Research Fellow (honorary) at The University of Melbourne and the Founder of a non-government organisation (NGO) in Bangladesh. Dr Islam did his PhD in Biostatistics from The University of Queensland and worked in a number of prestigious institutes, including the National University of Singapore, the University of Western Australia, and The University of Melbourne. 

His research foci are in Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Genetic Statistics, especially in Chronic diseases including Diabetes, Hypertension and Ophthalmic Epidemiology. He conducts large population-based cohort studies. His analytical expertise includes Risk Prediction, Multinomial and Spline Regression, Patterns analysis, Path analysis and Rasch analysis for items response theory.

He leads several research projects, including (i) Lowering blood pressure by changing lifestyle in a rural area in Bangladesh: A cluster Randomised Control Trial (ii) Psychological distress and quality of life in rural Bangladesh, (iii) Developing a diabetic retinopathy model in rural Bangladesh, (iv) Three-stage care plan for treating children with vision impairment and (v) Mobile Health intervention in managing diabetes.

He is an academic editor of PLoS One and another specialised Journal, “Eye”, the official journal of the Royal College of Ophthalmology, the United Kingdom.

He completed 2 PhD supervision successfully and is currently supervising five PhD students working on a range of topics such as Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Model, Malaria prediction, Awareness of disability among Health Professionals, Use of ICT, and its impacts on health and well-being in adolescents. He also gives hands-on training to PhD students on writing manuscripts and research design.

Research interests

Public and Environmental Health; Biostatistics; Epidemiology; Health research design

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

PhD topics and outlines

Chronic condition and quality of life in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

Statistical Methods for Risk Prediction Models with Multi-Categories Response Variables with Applications to Cost-Effective Diagnosis of Malaria in East Nusa Tenggara Province Indonesia.


Available to supervise honours students.

Honours topics and outlines

Sources of income, daily livings and dependency in older adults in a rural district in Bangladesh: Data from a prospective cohort study: The project has ethics approval. Data are from 2425 adults. Results can definitely be published  

Fields of Research

  • Major Global Burdens Of Disease - 420207
  • Biostatistics - 490502
  • Ophthalmology And Optometry - 321200

Teaching areas

Public and Environmental Health;Biostatistics;Epidemiology;Health research design


  • 2019, Swinburne, Swinburne Innovation Award (VC), Swinbunre University of Technology
  • 2016, Swinburne, VC 2016 Teaching Excellence Award in Higher Education, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2012, National, Teaching Award , University of Melbourne


Also published as: Islam, Amirul; Islam, A.; Amirul Islam, F. M.; Amirul Islam, Fakir M.; Amirul Islam, Fakir Mohammad; Amirul, F. M. Islam; Amirul-Islam, F. M.; Amirul-Islam, Fakir M.; Fakir M. Amirul, Islam; Islam, A. F. M.; Islam, Amirul F. M.; Islam, F. M.; Islam, F. M. A.; Islam, F. M. Amirul; Islam, Fakir; Islam, Fakir Amirul; Islam, Fakir M Amirul; Islam, Fakir M. A.; Islam, Fakir M. A. Amirul; Islam, Fakir M. Amirul; Islam, Fakir Mohammad Amirul
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2022: Application of Bayesian Methodology to Aviation Safety Data *; Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  • 2019: Three stages care plan for treating school children with vision impairment in a rural district of Bangladesh *; eXcellence in Ophthalmology Vision Award (XOVA)
  • 2018: Effectiveness of use of mobile health in health promotion program in managing chronic diseases in a rural district of Bangladesh *; North South University
  • 2017: Development of a diabetic retinopathy detection and management program for a rural district Narail of Bangladesh through a telemedicine platform. *; Funding for research in Tropical Ophthalmology
  • 2016: Optimising technology to measure functional vision, mobility and service outcomes for people with low vision or blindness  *; Melbourne-Sarawak Collaborative Research Development Scheme

* Chief Investigator

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