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Dr Doan Nguyen

Senior Lecturer, Marketing
PhD in Marketing, The University of Queensland, Australia


Refereed Publications

McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Patterson, P, Brady, M, Cheung, L., and Nguyen, D.T. (2015)  “To Give or Not to Give Professional Services to Non-paying Clients: Professionals’ Giving Backstory,” Journal of Service Management, 26, (3) 426-459. ABDC Rating: A. Won a Highly Commended Award, Frontiers in Services (2016)

Nguyen, D. T. (2015) “Charity appeal story with a tribal stigma anti-climax twist – consequences of revealing unanticipated information in storytelling,” Journal of Strategic Marketing, 23, (4) 237-252. ABDC Rating: A

Nguyen, T., Nguyen, D.T., and Hartley, N. (2014) “Consumer Social Identity: Cool and Single or Caring and Attached,” Journal of Strategic Marketing, 23, (1) 23-48. ABDC Rating: A.

Nguyen, D.T., McColl-Kennedy, J. R., and Dagger, T. S. (2012) “Matching Service Recovery Solutions to Customer Recovery Preferences”, European Journal of Marketing, 46, (9), 1171-1194. ABDC Rating: A*

Nguyen, D. T., DeWitt, T. and Bennet, R. (2012) “Service Convenience and Social Servicescape: Retail vs. Hedonic Setting” Journal of Services Marketing, 26 (4) 265-277. ABDC Rating: A

Arnold, S., Nguyen, D.T., and Hartley, N. (2011) “Pro Bono Service Sheds New Light into Commercial Friendship,” Journal of Strategic Marketing, 19, (4) 381-394. ABDC Rating: A

McColl-Kennedy, J. R, Sparks, B. and Nguyen, D.T (2011) "Balancing Customer's Angry Voice: Targeting Employees or Organization,” Journal of Business Research, 67, (7) 707 -713. ABDC Rating: A

DeWitt, T., Nguyen, D. T., and Marshall, R. (2008) “Exploring customer loyalty following service recovery: The mediating effects of consumer trust and emotions”, Journal of Service Research, 10, 269-281. (top 50 most read article in JSR 2009, top 10 downloaded paper in Social Science Research Networks – December 2009). ABDC Rating: A*

Ali, C, Cornwell, B. T.; Nguyen D. T, and Coote, L. (2006) “Exploring the Usefulness of a Consumer Activity Index in the Sponsorship-linked Marketing Context”. International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship, 7, (3) 115-124.  ABDC Rating: B

Nguyen, D. T., and McColl-Kennedy, J.R. (2003) "Diffusing Customer Anger During Service Recovery: A Conceptual Framework". Australasian Journal of Marketing, 11, (2) 46-55. ABDC Rating: B

*ABDC refers to the 2016 Australian Business Deans Council journal list

Refereed Book Chapter and Professional Journal Publications

Tombs, A. and Nguyen, D.T. (2009) “Developing Interactive Dramatised Videos as a Teaching Resource” Streaming Media in Higher Education, Edited by Wankel, C &  Law, S. Information Age Publishing.

Nguyen, D.T. (2006) “Professional Customer Service Training in Ho Chi Minh City – Unrealised Golden Opportunities” Professional Marketing, June issue.

Best Research Paper Award

Arnold, S and Nguyen D. T. (2006) "The Value of Consultant-Client Relationships: Perspectives from Both Sides of the Fence”, The Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Successful Grants and External Funds

 ARC Discovery, 2011 – 2015, Pro Bono services - Positive and Negative Sides, with Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy, Professor Paul Patterson and Professor Mike Brady, ($350 000).

 Pearson Publishing, Innovative Teaching Material Development grant, 2010, Researchers: Dr Doan Nguyen and Dr Nicole Hartley ($9000).

 Early Career Researcher Grant, 2010, “Film piracy – the Consequence of Failing to Engage Consumers” ($14 842).

 Pearson’s Teaching Resource Development, 2009, Innovative Development of Dramatized Educational Streaming Video ($29 000).

Refereed Conference Papers

Nguyen, T.N.  and Nguyen, D.T.  2013, "Representational distance in symbolic portrayal of sexuality using humor: A study of gender and ethnic differences", International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Marketing, Paris, France.

McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Patterson, P. Brady, M. and Nguyen, D.T. 2013, “Pro bono Giving Logics: Duty, Delight and Dark Side” International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management, Karlstad, Sweden.

Nguyen, D.T. and Dewitt, T. 2011, “Job Burnout, Employee Customer Orientation, Job Fit and the Workgroup” Frontiers in Service Conference, Ohio State University.

Alastair Tombs and D.T. Nguyen, D.T. 2009 “Developing Interactive Dramatised Videos as a Teaching Resource” Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

McColl-Kennedy, J. R., Smith, A. K., and Nguyen, D. T. 2007,  “The Effects of Counterfactual Thinking and Time Orientation in Service Failure and Recovery Encounters” The Academy of Marketing Science, World Marketing Congress, Verona.

Bennett, R, Härtel, C., Nguyen D. T., and Keefe, D. 2006, “Motives to Complaining to a Third Party” The Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Nguyen D.T. and McColl-Kennedy, J.R. 2005, "Customer recovery orientation – a new conceptualisation". AMA Service Special Interest Group (ServSig), Singapore, June.

Nguyen D. T. and McColl-Kennedy, J.R. 2004 “Gender Differences in Perceptions of Service Experiences and Word of Mouth”. Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Wellington, New Zealand.

McColl-Kennedy, J.R. and Nguyen D.T., 2004, "Counterfactual Thinking triggers Customer Negative Emotion in Service Failure and Recovery". Frontiers in Service Conference, Miami, Florida, October.

Nguyen, D. T., and McColl-Kennedy, J.R., 2003, " Understanding Service Failure and Recovery: A Customer-Based Phenomenographic Approach”. Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference Adelaide, December.

Nguyen, D. T., and McColl-Kennedy, J.R. 2003, "Customer Anger in Service Failure and Recovery". Frontiers in Service Conference, Washington DC, October.

Nguyen, D.T., 2003, "Counterfactual Thinking in Service Failure and Delivery".  UQBS Doctoral Colloquium, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, June.

Nguyen, D.T., and McColl-Kennedy, J.R. 2002, "Customer Anger and Cognitive Appraisal in a Service Recovery Setting". Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Melbourne, December. Nominated for Best Paper Award.

Nguyen, D. T., and McColl-Kennedy, J.R. 2002, "Customer Cognitive Appraisal and Anger in Service Recovery Context: A Conceptual Framework". International Services Marketing Conference. Brisbane, July. Nominated for Best Paper Award. 

Nguyen, D.T., 2002, " Customer Negative Emotion in Service Recovery Setting: An Exploratory Study". Marketing Doctoral Colloquium, Griffith University, October 2002

Research interests

Customer digital engagement; digital marketing; digital advertising; e-retailing; service innovation

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

PhD topics and outlines

Digital customer engagement: Using digital marketing technology to optimize customer experience and engagement in e-retailing context

Fields of Research

  • Marketing - 350600

Teaching areas

Digital marketing


Also published as: Nguyen, Doan; Nguyen, D.; Nguyen, D. T. ; Nguyen, Doan T.
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