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Dr Caitlin Yolland

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Coming from a mixed background of Bachelor of Arts (Drama)/Bachelor of Science (Psychology), I completed my Psychology Honours at Deakin University in 2015. I have recently completed my PhD within the Cognitive Neuropsychiatry lab at the Centre for Mental Health.  My research involves investigating the cognitive mechanisms and biological contributors to schizophrenia and pscyhosis.  I am currently working on two NHMRC projects.  My main role is as a postdoctoral researcher exploring multimodal hallucinations in psychosis.  The second project was the focus of my PhD and involves using MRI scans from individuals with chronic schizophrenia to predict cognitive outcomes, and how this may relate to oxidative stress.
I'm passionate about using my experiences and skills from the creative world to better communicate scientific outcomes and mental health research to the general population.

Research interests

Clinical Psychology; Cognitive Psychology; Neuroscience

Fields of Research

  • Cognitive And Computational Psychology - 520400
  • Clinical Psychology - 520302
  • Counselling Psychology - 520303
  • Health Psychology - 520304
  • Cognitive Neuroscience - 520203
  • Psychopharmacology - 520205
  • Psychophysiology - 520206
  • Social And Affective Neuroscience - 520207
  • Clinical Neuropsychology - 520301
  • Cognition - 520401
  • Learning, Motivation And Emotion - 520403
  • Behavioural Genetics - 520201
  • Behavioural Neuroscience - 520202

Teaching areas

Clinical Psychology;Cognitive Psychology;Biostatistics;Clinical Psychology;Cognitive Psychology


Also published as: Yolland, Caitlin; Yolland, C.; Yolland, C. O. B.; Yolland, Caitlin O. B.
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