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Professor David Crewther

PhD, CalTech, United States; MSc, University of Melbourne, Australia; BSc(Hons), University of Melbourne, Australia


David started his career as a theoretical physicist, completing his PhD at CalTech under Nobel prize-winner Murray Gell-Mann. His interest in neurophysiology started there under the influence of Prof Jack Pettigrew. David's academic career has been diverse, successively at the National Vision Research Institute in Melbourne, the School of Optometry at the University of NSW in Sydney, the School of Psychological Science at La Trobe University in Melbourne and thence to the Brain Sciences Institute and Swinburne in 2000. His academic interests include neural mechanisms of refractive control, neuroscience of normal and abnormal visual development, psychophysics of visual attention, non-linear electrophysiology and functional neuroimaging of cognitive function. His studies have implications particularly for development in children: dyslexia, amblyopia, autism, myopia and ADHD, as well as understanding of conscious awareness and mind/brain relations. David has published widely with over 130 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals, mainly in the area of vision, visual development, myopia, single cell electrophysiology, evoked potential research, dyslexia, amblyopia, learning disability, and more than 200 refereed conference abstracts. He has an extended record of funding from both the ARC and NHMRC over nearly 30 years as well as other miscellaneous funding, and currently holds an ARC DP (through Swinburne) in the physiological mechanisms of refractive control, a NHMRC project grant (through Swinburne) in the cognitive neuroscience of autistic tendency and an ARC DP (through La Trobe U) into the magnocellular advantage in visual neuroscience. David currently holds an Adjunct Professorship in Psychological Science at La Trobe University and is a Visiting Research Professor at the 3rd Military Medical University of Chongqing, China. He is National Co-Chair of the Asia Pacific Conference on Vision, is on the Executive Committee of the Australasian Society for Psychophysiology, and is the National Imaging Facility Node Director for Swinburne.

Research interests

Brain Sciences; Psychology; Neural mechanisms of attention; Recognition and consciousness; vision and visual imaging; neuroimaging; myopia mechanisms

Fields of Research

  • Psychology - 170100
  • Neurosciences - 110900
  • Ophthalmology And Optometry - 111300


Also published as: Crewther, David; Crewther, D.; Crewther, D. P.; Crewther, David P.
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