First came Industry 4.0 ‘the fourth industrial revolution’. It transformed industries through automation, monitoring and smart machines that make decisions without human intervention, and changed the nature of work, organisations and end-user experiences. This was followed by Society 4.0, exploring how to live, work and play in Industry 4.0. 

Now we’re examining what we’re calling ‘Social and Community Services 4.0’. Social and community services address lifelong social and economic inclusion via healthcare, social assistance, welfare, charity and social purpose work. This sector is radically changing in response to Society 4.0 as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our vision is that social and community services will be powered by adaptive people applying useful technologies. To help, we’ve co-designed a briefing with input from social purpose organisations and sector analysts to support social and community services to integrate new technologies with caring practice. 

Tech Capable 2025 briefing
Swinburne Social and Community Services 4.0

Tech Capable 2025 briefing

This briefing is for boards and senior leaders, government, advocates and thought leaders. It was co-created with sector leaders between February and June 2020, following Swinburne’s Society 4.0 Forum in November 2019.

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