Our six flagship institutes drive research collaboration across Swinburne, building on the depth and excellence of our discipline-specific research activity. With multidisciplinary research teams, they tackle big challenges that have the potential to transform. They’re innovating across sectors, from game-changing technologies for energy storage to easing the burden on Australia's healthcare system with apps; mapping everyday acts of charity and volunteer work and leading Industry 4.0 developments within manufacturing, health and smart cities domains.

Worked with 140+ partners*

280+ researchers across almost 200 cross-disciplinary projects

130+ events to engage our communities

*Across all six institutes since 2017

Our Research Institutes

Outwardly focused and outcome-oriented, we partner with industry, government, community organisations, not-for-profits and more to find innovative solutions to real-world problems.

  • "Our Swinburne research Institutes are at the intersection of industry, academia and technology - driving national and international innovation."

    Professor Virginia Kilborn , Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) - Acting

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Our research centres and groups cultivate strength in specialist areas by concentrating resources in one place. All research centres have an excellent record of scholarship, publication and research funding.

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Latest news

    • Astronomy
    • Science

    Space-loving students find milky way to grow yoghurt in orbit

    High school students from across Victoria have sent bacteria to the International Space Station to test the possibilities of creating yoghurt in space.

    Wednesday 22 December 2021
    • Astronomy

    Swinburne astronomers with front row seat to scientific history

    Meet the two Swinburne scientists who will be examining the first stars and galaxies formed after the Big Bang, with the help of the new James Webb Space Telescope.

    Tuesday 21 December 2021
    • Technology
    • Sustainability

    We must rapidly decarbonise road transport – but hydrogen’s not the answer

    In order to combat the impacts of climate change, decarbonising transport is crucial. However, the focus on hydrogen in road transport is misplaced. Analysis for The Conversation by Robin Smit and Enoch Zhao, University of Technology Sydney and Hussein Dia, Swinburne University of Technology.

    Friday 19 November 2021
  • A rocket entering the space above the clouds
    • Astronomy
    • Science
    • Engineering

    Swinburne scores world-leading tech for space manufacturing

    A multimillion-dollar collaboration between Swinburne and additive manufacturing company Titomic, will enable the creation of lighter, stronger and more capable structures for space, including rocket nozzles and satellite components using ‘green’ titanium.

    Friday 27 August 2021
    • Astronomy
    • Technology
    • Science

    Billionaires’ space race could help our planet

    The trip of a lifetime for the world’s billionaires could change their perspective, and then the world.

    Monday 19 July 2021

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