Centre for Human Psychopharmacology

Drugs and driving

View our studies investigating the impact of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs on applied activities such as driving.

Alcohol and driving performance

This study examined the effects of alcohol on attention and driving performance. Participants aged between 18–40 and in good health attended three to six visits.

The study is now complete.


Brook Shiferaw
e: bshiferaw@swinburne.edu.au

THC, roadside drug tests and driving ability

This study investigated how different doses of THC, the active ingredient in Cannabis, tested on roadside drug tests. It also measured the impact of these THC doses on driving ability.

Participants aged 21-55 years with a full driver's license attended three testing sessions over a three-week period.

In each session, participants were given one treatment of either low dose THC, high dose THC or a placebo dose. They were then asked to complete a simulated driving test before providing blood, saliva and urine samples.

The study is now complete.


Amie Hayley 
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e: ahayley@swinburne.edu.au