Researchers use a variety of flight simulators to immerse trainee and experienced pilots in challenging fight scenarios whilst monitoring every aspect of their performance with cutting edge measurement tools.

The results allow them to predict how new cockpit technologies and procedures will work in the real world.

The laboratory here at Swinburne is equipped with:

  • A light aircraft simulator with five-axis motion system — capable of replicating the Garmin G1000 equipped Cessna 172 aircraft used to train Swinburne students in real life
  • A helicopter simulator with 180-degree visual system 
  • A fixed base procedures simulator based around the highly automated A320 jet airliner
  • A passive eye-tracking camera system which allows researchers to record where the pilot looks during simulated flights, without them having to wear special glasses
  • A variety of PC flight simulators for smaller experiments and prototyping
  • Virtual Reality headsets for visual immersion
  • A real Cessna 172 aircraft and workbench for simulating hands-on maintenance work.
  • Aviation simulator.
    Aviation simulator.
  • Oculus Rift aviation simulator.
    Oculus Rift aviation simulator.
  • Aviation cockpit simulator.
    Aviation cockpit simulator.
  • Helicopter simulator.
    Helicopter simulator.

Research currently underway includes the evaluation of emerging technologies for training future pilots, the impact of Heads Up Guidance Systems and automation on pilot visual attention and the use of virtual reality as a tool for educating airport and airline service employees.

We hope to further expand the scope and scale of aviation research, working closely with our industry partners.

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