Characterisation Lab

The Characterisation Lab offers various analysis platforms for applications in optics, nanophotonics, low-dimensional materials, nanoelectronics, etc. Spectroscopy covering 200nm-25μm wavelength range is equipped with microscopic facility, which enables the minimal measurable sample size down to 100μm.

The facility consists of advanced equipment used for the analysis of amorphous, silicon and other photovoltaic cells by standardised testing and measurement methods of cell efficiency and opto-electronic properties. We currently house the following equipment to accomplish world-class standardised testing of materials and devices complementing our solar pilot line production facility.

Location: AMDC1001


  • Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR-VERTEX 70 Burker)

  • Fluorescence Spectrometer (PerkinElmer LS 55)

  • UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer (PerkinElmer Lambda 1050)

  • Ellipsometer (M-2000-J. A. Woollam)

  • Silicon Wafer Lifetime Tester (WCT-120-Sinton Instruments)

  • Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System (QEX10-PV Measurements Inc)

  • Solar Simulator (Newport)

  • Four Point Probe (RM3000-Jandel)

Endoscope Industry Hub

Location: AMDC1006


  • Spectra Physics Millennia IIs (2W, 532nm, CW)

Optical Nanomaterial Spectroscopy Laser Lab

This laboratory is divided into two facilities.

Z-scan and dark-field microscopy facility

This laboratory is used for Z-scan nonlinear absorption measurements on 2D materials, hybrid nanomaterials and plasmonic nanoparticles.

Location: AS117


  • Spectra Physics Millennia eV (10W, 532nm, CW)

  • Spectra Physics Tsunami (2W, 690-1000nm, 80MHz,100fs)

  • Eclipse Ti-S Inverted Microscope (Nikon)

Multiphoton action cross section measurement facility

This laboratory is specifically set up to measure two and three-photon action cross-section measurements of plasmonic and semiconductor nanoparticles nonlinear dye molecules in the near-infrared range.

Location: AS125


  • Spectra Physics Millennia Prime (10W, 532nm, CW)

  • Spectra Physics Tsunami (2W, 690-1000nm, 80MHz, 100fs)

  • Melles Griot 643 (250mW, 457-676nm, CW)

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