3D Nano-Printing Industry Hub

The 3D Nano-Printing Industry Hub offers a 3D laser printing facility for 3D complex nanophotonic fabrications on photo-sensitive polymers, such as IP-L and SU8. By using a 532 nm pulsed laser beam, multi-photon absorption is utilised to achieve the minimal feature size of 300 nm.

Location: AMDC1002

Equipment: Fianium FemtoPower 532 (1W, 532nm, 50MHz, 300fs)

Centre of Excellence: CUDOS Laser Lab

The CUDOS Laser Lab is equipped with Coherent Libra HE, which is designed in a ruggedized, ultra-stable and compact shape. With key design innovations throughout, the Libra has proven itself in a wide range of scientific applications and demanding industrial settings. The system includes a computer-controlled amplifier that contains integrated Vitesse as a seed laser, Evolution as a pump laser, regenerative amplifier, stretcher and compressor. The amplifier at Libra-HE has 10kHz repetition rate with pulse durations of 85 fs.

The Vitesse includes a CW diode-pumped green laser along with a modelocked Ti-Sapphire oscillator. The Vitesse output is characterised by a fixed center wavelength of 800 nm, pulse width of 80 fs, and output power of 300mW at a repetition rate of 80 MHz.

The Evolution is a diode-pumped, intra-cavity doubled, Q-switched Nd:YLF laser capable of producing of output power of 30W with repition rate of 10 KHz at 527nm.

Location: AS115


  • Coherent Libra HE (3.5W, 800nm, 10KHz, 85fs)
  • Coherent Vitesse (300mW, 800nm, 80MHz, 80fs)
  • Coherent Evolution (30W, 527nm, 10KHz, 1.8µs)
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