The Centre for the New Workforce works with leaders to transform their business by building sustainable workforces for their organisations and meaningful careers for their workers.

Learning and workplace wellbeing is fundamental to these objectives,  even more so in these times of uncertainty. CNeW drives innovation in, and across, learning and workplace wellbeing with evidence-based approaches to enable organisations to thrive.

2021 Report: Peak Human Workplace 

The 2021 CNeW report is a must read for any employer. We are living and working in the ‘unprecedented era’, where the scale and gravity of the challenges that face us – from climate change to a global pandemic – is paired with a profound transformation wrought by rapidly advancing digital technologies. Using survey data from 1,000 everyday Australian workers, our Peak Human Workplace report shows how collaboration diversity and worker-driven learning can help turn complex disruption into competitive advantage across multiple industries.

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    Our people

    The Centre for the New Workforce aims to bring together creative minds, visionary researchers, and industry leaders to build a strong team and advisory committee. Meet our people.

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    Our research

    Discover how the Centre for the New Workforce is developing learning and workplace wellbeing solutions that empower people and organisations in the exponential era through its research and findings. 

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    Study a micro unit at Swinburne

    The Understanding the Future of World of Work micro unit will highlight the changing patterns of the modern workforce and what leaders can do to improve workforce engagement and productivity at a time when the nature of work is shifting and changing at a rapid pace.

As technology changes the way we live and work at an unprecedented pace, Swinburne’s Centre for the New Workforce (CNeW) seeks to answer one question above all others: how do we ensure everyone can succeed in the future of work?

Through rigorous enquiry, industry collaboration and think tank analysis, CNeW focuses in understanding how work and workplaces are transforming. We work to conceive new approaches to learning, to empower people and organisations for the new workforce.

Insights from our engaged research will help people and organisations with their real-world challenges, both locally and around the world.

Report Launch: Innovation in The Unprecedented Era

Innovation in the Unprecedented Era | Live streamed event

Thursday 15 April 2021 | ACMI Swinburne Studio

Launch of Peak Human Workplace, the latest report from the Centre for the New Workforce. The report uses data since COVID-19 to investigate the influence of learning and collaboration on enabling innovation in Australian workplaces. 

The Centre for the New Workforce opens to prepare Australians for the future of work

The Centre for the New Workforce opens to prepare Australians for the future of work

Swinburne University of Technology launched the Centre for the New Workforce in December 2019. The Centre is a new research initiative designed to support Australian businesses, organisations and their employees by developing new approaches to learning.

Our industry partners

The Centre for the New Workforce has developed a track record of research projects with a range of high-value industry partners to drive innovation.

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    "Thriving in the future of work is to understand and exploit what makes us unique as humans. 

    Learning has to be re-imagined for the emerging futures of work."

    Dr Sean Gallagher , Director, Centre for the New Workforce

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