From nutrients to whole diets, we’re conducting research to help understand the impacts of what we eat on the brain. More broadly, we’re interested in the effects of lifestyle on brain functioning and mental health across the lifespan and what we can do reduce age-associated decline in brain function and the risk of dementia.

Like many Western countries, Australia is faced with an unprecedented ageing population. Ageing is accompanied by a host of health problems including increased risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and dementia. Current research evidence proposes that not all people age in the same way and such inter-individual differences may be attributable to lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity. There is an urgent need for modifiable lifestyle interventions to reduce the negative impact of ageing on the brain. 

Our area of research focuses on the effect of diet on the brain across the lifespan. By studying the relationship between nutrition and brain at early, middle and later life, our research aims to help identify appropriate intervention strategies. 

Our human clinical trials range from whole dietary interventions to nutraceuticals, with outcomes spanning cognitive performance, mood and response to stress. We have a rich catalogue of measures to capture these outcomes including age-sensitive batteries for cognition, detailed cardiovascular measures and facilities for biochemical testing and neuroimaging on site to measure the structure and function of the brain.   

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