Over the last decade, Swinburne has been developing ways to measure and enhance emotional intelligence in school environments. Emotional intelligence is a set of skills to navigate our world — identifying, expressing, using and managing our emotions for success. Arising from unique partnerships with schools around the world, our work focuses on a whole school approach to emotional intelligence that includes school children, staff and parents.

Our research has shown that developing emotional intelligence in schools improves:

  • academic outcomes
  • personal resilience and wellbeing in staff and students
  • interpersonal relationships
  • sporting and leadership capabilities.

We regularly publish papers in the area of emotional intelligence. Access and download our current publications and materials.

Aristotle EI: Skills-based programs for today’s world

The Aristotle EI mission is to provide teachers, parents, children and adolescents with world-leading, evidence-based, emotional intelligence development programs. Based on over a decade of research and collaborations with schools, our programs offer autonomy to teachers and provide age-relevant activities to build emotional competencies at every level of schooling. 

Aristotle EI school programs

Our programs (available for every year level) use age-relevant activities to build emotional competencies.

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Aristotle EI blog

We run a regular blog covering topics connected to emotional intelligence. 

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