Forensic behavioural science is concerned with how individual characteristics interact with the environment to produce criminal behaviour and what might be done to prevent such behaviour. It also includes the way in which offenders are identified and managed by law enforcement, courts and criminal justice systems. 

Within the area of forensic behavioural science, our researchers engage in a broad range of clinical, epidemiological and experimental research in the following key research streams.  

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We offer postgraduate research and clinical qualifications, as well as online graduate degrees and single unit enrolments, in the area of forensic behavioural science, forensic psychology and forensic mental health. 

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  • Catalyst Consortium

    We received a grant from the Victorian Corrections Minister in 2017 to establish the Catalyst Consortium, conducting research into serious violent and sexual offending and establishing a partnership between leading researchers, clinical leaders and correctional/forensic mental health partner organisations to systematically address persistent violence and sexual offending. 

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