The Aggression Prevention Protocol (APP) was designed to be used in conjunction with the Dynamic Appraisal of Situational Aggression (DASA) to provide staff with guidance about how to intervene to prevent violence for patients presenting with different levels of risk.

The APP suggests interventions according to the risk band as suggested by the DASA. Two studies conducted investigating the implementation of an electronic version of the DASA (eDASA) – in conjunction with structured intervention using the APP – found a significant reduction in aggression, use of restrictive interventions and use of PRN medication during the intervention phase with the eDASA and APP.

APP Manual

Preview the APP manual

Preview the APP manual

Download a selection of pages from the Aggression Prevention Protocol (APP) manual, including the table of contents and an orientation.


Griffith, J. J., Meyer, D., Maguire, T., Ogloff, J. R. P. & Daffern, M. (2021). Testing a clinical decision support system to prevent aggression and reduce restrictive practices in a forensic mental health service. Psychiatric Services, 72(8), 885-890.

Maguire, T., Daffern, M., Bowe, S. J., & McKenna, B. (2019). Evaluating the impact of an electronic application of the Dynamic Appraisal of Situational Aggression with an embedded Aggression Prevention Protocol on aggression and restrictive interventions on a forensic mental health unit. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 28(5), 1186-1197.

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