The Centre for Design Innovation (CDI) has three core research programs which exist to design and implement new products and outcomes for councils, communities, charities and businesses (start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises). 

Our research projects focus on commercialising innovation and demonstrating how design research is a crucial driver of organisational growth and sustainability. 

Our core programs

  • Innovations systems connecting people and intelligence devices. Futuristic technology networking and data exchanges connection and computer industry from telecommunication and internet development.

    Human Centred Product Development

    The Human Centred Product Development program develops new product innovations in fast-growing market areas such as smart devices, wearable technology and IoT (Internet of things).

  • Happy elderly twin senior people society lifestyle with technology concept. Ageing Asia women using tablet  and smartphone share social media together in wellbeing county home.

    Swinburne Living Lab

    The Future Self Living Lab develops solutions to increase health and wellbeing across the life span and ageing populations.

  • duotone graphic of smart city and communication network concept IoT(Internet of Things), ICT(Information Communication Technology), digital transformation, abstract image visual

    Urban Design Architecture

    The Urban Design Architecture program conducts spatio-temporal research responding to key challenges of urbanisation, densification, accessibility and climate change.

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